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How to Replace an Interior Door Handle in a Toyota Camry

How to Replace an Interior Door Handle in a Toyota Camry

Replacing the interior door panel on the Toyota Camry can be an easy operation that won't take much time, provided you can remove the door's trim panel without much difficulty. The door handle is mounted onto the inner trim panel, but you need to remove the panel from the door first to separate the handle from the door latch. Once the panel is detached, the handle can be removed and replaced.

Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

  • Camry interior door handle
  • Flat bladed tool
  • Small Phillips screwdriver
    • 1

      Disconnect the Camry's negative battery cable.

    • 2

      Pry the bezel surrounding the door handle out of the main trim panel with a flat bladed tool like a screwdriver or trim panel tool. On some models, remove the setscrew holding the bezel in place in the center.

    • 3

      Detach the switch plate with the window controls by prying it out with the same tool and unplugging its electrical connectors. Pry out the small trim panel near the outside mirror.

    • 4

      Remove all the retaining screws for the panel with a screwdriver (many of them are covered by plastic discs you must pry off first). Raise and pull the panel out of the door. Disconnect all connectors and cables from the door.

    • 5

      Unscrew the one or two retaining screws mounting the handle to the panel and remove the handle.

    • 6

      Insert the new door handle in place within the trim panel and mount it with the same screws (or new ones if the replacement handle came with them).

    • 7

      Replace the trim panel back on the door, reconnecting its cables and connectors, fitting it back on its retaining clips within the inside door and replacing the mounting screws.

    • 8

      Push the mirror trim panel and the power window switch plate back in place on the door, reconnecting the electrical connectors to the switch plate. Re-attach the bezel along the door panel.

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